U.S. Oil Pushes Back Against Anti-American World Powers – Despite Obama

DW Ulsterman Ulsterman Books 12/1/2014

World oil powers such as Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations, Russia and Venezuela are stunned at the dramatic increases in U.S. energy production – an increase that has them scrambling to try and prepare for lower cost oil that will place considerable pressure upon their own bottom lines. It […]

Report: EPA Colluded With Green Groups to Bankrupt Coal Industry

Fox Business Facebook 9/17/2014  

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Post by Fox Business.



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…The […]

Thank Fracking For Falling Gas Prices This Labor Day Weekend

Michael Bastasch The Daily Caller 8/29/2014

Good news for families trying to get in one last road trip before school starts: Gas prices are falling ahead of Labor Day weekend, thanks to booming U.S. oil production from shale formations…

…The average price of gasoline is now 25 cents less than it was at the end […]

Obama Says No to Oil Leases, But Yes to Windmills, Off the Atlantic Coast

Susan Jones CNS News 12/3/2012

President Obama’s plan for the Outer Continental Shelf does not include any new oil and gas leases in the Atlantic Ocean over the next five years, but it does include windmills.

The Interior Department wants to lease nearly 278,000 acres off the coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Virginia for […]

Sen. Inhofe Presses Administration on Law of the Sea

“This is the first time in history, that an international organization, the U.N. in this case, would possess taxing authority over this country.”

JimInhofePressOffice YouTube 5/23/2012

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Senator Inhofe presses Secretary Clinton, Secretary Panetta, and Gen. Dempsey on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).



Jindal op-ed: Obama’s Politicized Energy Policy

La. Gov. Jindal: Obama’s ‘Radical Environmental Policy’ Wreaks Havoc on Energy

John Bachman Newsmax 12 Mar 2012

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal contends that Republican criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of rising energy costs “lets the president off too easily.”

And President Barack Obama’s “radical environmental policy” is one of the main causes for his […]