Security of International Monetary Fund communications in doubt

Alexandra Frean The Australian 6/13/2011

THE International Monetary Fund has become the latest multinational organisation to fall victim to a hacking attack, raising questions about the security of internet-based communications.

The attack comes at a highly sensitive time for the IMF, which is in the throes of appointing a new successor after the shock arrest […]

Maids at New York Courthouse to Greet Strauss-Kahn

I’m going to tell the world what he did: Maid’s warning as Strauss-Kahn appears in court to deny rape charge

Daily Mail [UK] 6th June 2011

‘Victim’ vows to testify in trial and ‘tell the world what happened’ Maids shout ‘Shame on you’ as ex-IMF boss walks into court with wife

As former IMF boss […]