Don Lemon Shocked by Paul Rodriguez Supporting Deportation of Illegal Children

P. J. Gladnick Newsbusters 7/12/2014

It wasn’t supposed to go this way. Or so CNN’s Don Lemon must have thought when he had Mexican-American comedian Paul Rodriguez on his CNN Tonight show on Wednesday.

Perhaps Lemon was expecting the standard liberal answers from Rodriguez about what to do with the illegal children flooding across the […]

Morgan Freeman Says Not to Make Race A ‘Bigger Issue Than It Needs to Be’

The Oscar winner tells CNN’s Don Lemon that the media blows race out of proportion

James Crugnale The Wrap 6/5/2014

Morgan Freeman told CNN’s Don Lemon he doesn’t think race still plays a role in income inequality, and that people shouldn’t make it “a bigger issue than it needs to be.”

“Do you think that […]

Morano Smacks Down Sierra Club Director: ‘Sierra Club Took 26 Million From Natural Gas’

Noel Sheppard NewsBusters 12/11/2013

For years, climate alarmists have dishonestly accused global warming skeptics of taking money from Big Oil to do their bidding.

On CNN’s 11th Hour Tuesday, when Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune made such a claim, Climate Depot’s Marc Morano marvelously fired back, “The Sierra Club took 26 million from natural […]

Don Lemon and Bill O’Reilly engage in conversation on race, Sharpton hardest hit

Mary Katharine Ham Hot Air 7/30/2013

…Lemon doesn’t have to agree with every word O’Reilly said or the way he said it, but he recognizes that a bit of grace is necessary if you sincerely want to allow different voices, which is part of how conversations work. It was all the more surprising coming from […]

Don Lemon With Suggestions for the Black Community

Patterico Patterico’s Pontifications 7/28/2013



dress nicely. use appropriate language. keep ur surroundings clean. go to school. be responsible, involved parents. That’s offensive? SMH

— Don Lemon (@DonLemonCNN) July 28, 2013




The article continues at Patterico’s Pontifications.


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