Hoffman: Pelosi Knew Bill Owens Had Not Been Certified Prior to Her Swearing Him In – Did She Break the Law?

By PoliJAM November 13, 2009

With the special election race for New York’s 23rd Congressional District yet to be certified, it seems that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have illegally sworn in Democrat Bill Owens when she did so last week.

Speaking with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman says that the […]

Could Newest Member of House be Kicked Out of Congress?

Political Grapevine by Bret Baier FoxNews.com Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not Over Yet

More than a week after the voting, there are questions about who really won in the special election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman conceded to Democrat Bill Owens late on election night, after receiving what turned […]

Party calls for Investigation of Pelosi-Scozzafava Deal

The Gouverneur Times Northern New York News Written by Contributor 11/4/2009

Reacting to media reports that Nancy Pelosi “secretly” dispatched a top lieutenant to meet with Dede Scozzafava before the Assemblywoman’s shocking endorsement of Bill Owens, Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long called for a Federal Election Commission investigation of any “illicit inducements” that may have […]

Palin: Response to Vice President Biden’s Comments Today About My Position On Energy Independence

UPDATE: H/T to Jim Hoft/Gateway Pundit. Sarah Palin Slams Biden After His Ridiculous Attack Today Monday, November 2, 2009

At his half-empty campaign stop today with Democrat Bill Owens, VP Joe Biden took a swipe at former Governor Sarah Palin:

“The fact of the matter is, Sarah Palin thinks the answer to energy is ‘drill, […]

Republican gangs of New York wage civil war

Attempts by Republicans to go “Obama-lite” have backfired disastrously, says Toby Harnden in Washington

Comment Telegraph [UK] 31 Oct 2009

New York state’s 23rd District, which juts into Canada and is bordered by the People’s Republic of Vermont, would seem an unlikely battleground for the heart, soul and future of the Republican party.

It is, […]

Dede vs. Doug: nobody but us ‘got it’

by Stephen Kruiser StephenKruiser.com Saturday, October 31, 2009

…Let’s be clear, I’m not one of those conservatives who is always prattling on about RINOs. In fact, this, I believe, is the first time the term has ever appeared in a blog post of mine. I have no problem with moderates in the GOP. What I […]