Despite Democrats’ Warnings, Private Medicare Plans Find Success

Robert Pear The New York Times 8/25/2012

Even as President Obama accuses Mitt Romney and Representative Paul D. Ryan of trying to privatize and “voucherize” Medicare, his administration crows about the success of private health plans in delivering prescription drug benefits and other services to Medicare beneficiaries.

More than a quarter of the 50 million […]

Caller To Mark Levin Show: Patients Over 70 Who Need Neurosurgery To Be Called ‘Units’ Given ‘Comfort Care’ Under Upcoming Obamacare Rules

If someone comes in at 70 years of age with a bleed in their brain, I can promise you I’m not going to get a bunch of administrators together on an ethics panel at 2 in the morning to decide that I’m OK to do surgery.

Marooned in Marin 11/23/2011

A neurosuregon from […]

Never-Confirmed Medicare Director Announces New Obamacare Paperwork Requirement

Fred Lucas 8/17/2011

( – A proposed federal health insurance regulation set to take effect next year requires insurers to provide consumers with explanatory summaries of their plans, but the insurance industry contends this could be costly to enrollees, and offer little benefit.

The new rule – part of the $1 trillion Patient Protection […]

A convert to the cause of freedom

CAJ note: This wonderful little video deserves to go viral! There’s an interview with Jodi Carroll at Big Government.

Bird Dog Maggie’s Farm 7/13/2011

She is fed up with lies. I guess it took her a long time to realize that politicans are liars, but better late than never. h/t Moonbattery:


IPAB is an Acronym for ‘Death Panel’

David Catron The American Spectator 4/22/2011

Contemplating the 2012 election that can already be seen looming on the distant horizon, the President’s advisors were no doubt hoping that the “death panel” debate was… well… dead. But Obama himself inadvertently resurrected it when, in response to Republican budget proposals, he claimed that Medicare costs will be […]

Democrats giving up on Donald Berwick

Brett Coughlin Politico 3/4/2011

Senate Democrats have given up on confirming Don Berwick as CMS administrator in the wake of a letter from 42 Republican senators opposing the nomination, sources tell POLITICO.

Citing the GOP letter, a person familiar with the situation said Senate Democrats and the White House “can do the arithmetic” and now […]