For Sen. Mike Lee, amending immigration bill starts with throwing it out

Byron York The Washington Examiner 5/8/2013

Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. was the deadline for members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to propose amendments to the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill. There were a lot of amendments. Sen. Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the committee, proposed 77. Fellow Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, perhaps the […]

DOJ sues Las Vegas casino for screening non-citizen workers

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 6/1/2012

While proponents of immigration enforcement have been told that the federal government monitors the hiring of illegal aliens by the private sector, including adherence to the federal employment verification (I-9) program, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department appears to have made a decision to penalize organizations that zealously comply.


Courtroom Details of Obama’s 1/26 Eligibility Hearing, Georgia

Details from this morning’s eligibility hearing in Georgia, to accompany the Breaking News, “Default Judgment Against Obama Discussed: Today’s Eligibility Hearing in Georgia.”

Guest Author Gulag Bound 1/26/2012

Sharon Rondeau The Post & Email (site is under maintenance at time of publishing; see The Post & Email for further details on this and other Obama […]

Federal Judge Upholds Most of Alabama Immigration Law

NumbersUSA 9/28/2011

U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn issued a major ruling today that upheld most parts of Alabama’s immigration enforcement law that the state legislature passed earlier this year. The bill, which included mandatory E-Verify and a trespassing ordinance, was regarded as the strongest immigration enforcement bill passed at the state level.

Unlike rulings […]

SCOTUS Upholds Arizona E-Verify Law

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 5/26/2011

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Arizona law requiring employers to use the federal E-Verify system.

Everyone is wondering how this reflects on a future ruling as to Arizona’s immigration law which was struck down in a decision by both the Arizona District Court and the 9th Circuit.

Here […]

What the President seemed to say about immigration in his State of the Union Address

by Roy Beck Numbers USA January 27, 2010

Pres. Obama’s obtuse sentence on immigration in his address to the nation revealed a great fear of how the American people would react if he directly called for more foreign workers and for permanent jobs for the estimated 8 million illegal foreign workers.

He seemed to be […]