Leadership: Romney campaign using Romney bus for East Coast storm relief efforts

Twitchy 10/28/2012

Leadership. Team Romney announced that the campaign bus will be used to help with storm relief efforts on the East Coast, as Hurricane Sandy bears down.


Kudos, Team Romney, for stepping up immediately to try to aid those in harm’s way. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all in […]

Iran planning to send ships near U.S. waters

CNN 9/28/2011

Iran plans to send ships near the Atlantic coast of the United States, state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported Tuesday, quoting a commander.

“The Navy of the Iranian Army will have a powerful presence near the United States borders,” read the headline of the story, in Farsi.

“Commander of the Navy of the […]

Hellstorm 2011: The threat from Irene is overhyped, says forecaster

Allahpundit HotAir.com 8/26/2011

This post by Dr. Simon Atkins is making the rounds thanks to a Drudge link, but after reading it and listening to Mark Levin’s interview with the author, it sounds like he’s perfectly in line with what we knew a few hours ago. In brief:

1. The early fears that this thing […]