The G8 is dead declares Merkel as Europe prepares to ramp up EU sanctions against Russia

EU leaders are set to meet in Brussels to discuss developments in Ukraine German Chancellor Angela Merkel says EU will impose more sanctions on Russia after its troops seized majority control of Crimea She also told the German parliament the G8 forum is suspended indefinitely


Suzannah Hills The Daily Mail [UK] 20 March […]

Why Ronald Reagan towers above Barack Obama as a world leader

Nile Gardiner The Telegraph [UK] 12 June 2012

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher: standing up to the Evil Empire


…In so many respects Reagan’s firm leadership in the 1980s towers over that of Barack Obama today. It would be hard to imagine President Obama delivering an address with the power and moral […]

25 Years Ago Today

Andy Ace of Spades HQ 6/12/2012

A blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things, but it sure seems like a long time ago …

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