Former Congressman Allen West Gives Fiery, Emotional Speech at 'Stop Iran Deal Rally' in Times Square

Donna Dames YouTube 7/22/2015

Former Florida Congressman Allen West absolutely exploded over the Iran nuclear deal during a fiery speech at a “Stop Iran Deal Rally” in New York City’s Times Square on Wednesday. The Republican strongly criticized President Barack Obama’s leadership on the issue, calling him a “weakling” and “charlatan.” West asked the crowd […]

EU, U.N. Security Council approve Iran nuclear agreement

Rick Moran American Thinker 7/20/2015

Both the European Union and the U.N. Security Council voted to approve the nuclear agreement with Iran today, clearing the way for a lifting of sanctions once the International Atomic Energy Agency signs off on Iran’s compliance.

What about the U.S. Congress? Irrelevant…

…these votes have allowed President Obama to […]

Reid Attacks Koch for Offenses Committed by Reid Donors

Senate Dem leader received tens of thousands of dollars from companies that did business in Iran

Lachlan Markay The Washington Free Beacon 4/4/2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) on Wednesday criticized a Koch Industries subsidiary for allegedly circumventing sanctions on Iran even though Reid has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign […]

Report: Obama to Use Executive Powers to Ease Iran Sanctions

Joel B. Pollak Big Peace 21 Jan 2014

In a a move that would surprise exactly no one, President Barack Obama is reported to be considering using his executive powers to relieve some sanctions on Iran, regardless of whether Congress passes new bipartisan sanctions currently under consideration that would take effect if the recent […]

On the cusp of a historic sell-out of Israel

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 11/8/2013

We are on the cusp of the most historic sell-out of Israel by any United States administration.

We told you all along that in his second term Obama would impose a settlement on Israel according to what he viewed as reasonable:

Obama will force his vision of a settlement […]

Oxford University votes against Israel boycott

Oxford University Student Union votes down a motion calling for an academic and commercial boycott of Israel

Students: This is not the way to debate the conflict.

Dan Lavie and Yael Branovsky Israel Hayom 2/28/2013

In a dramatic step, the Oxford University Student Union voted on Wednesday to reject a motion for a […]