Remembering The Victims Of The Eilat Terror Attack

The Jawa Report 8/23/2011


Israel Consulate:

Chief Warrant Officer Pascal Avrahami, 49, of Jerusalem Flora Gez, 52, and her husband Moshe Gez, 53, of Kfar Sava Shula Karlinsky, 54 and her husband Dov Karlinsky, 58, of Kfar Sava Yosef Levy, 57, of Holon St-Sgt Moshe Naftali, 22, of Ofra Yitzhak Sela, 56, of […]

Multi-stage Terrorist Attack In Israel

Gabriel Malor Ace of Spades HQ 8/18/2011

As with all developing news stories, reporting is subject to change as more information becomes available.

What we know right now is that a series of terrorist attacks have struck southern Israel. It appears that off-duty Israeli soldiers are the target.

In the first incident, Egged bus number […]