The trouble with Wisconsin: collective bargaining a fundamental human right recognized in the U.N. charter

Varney & Co. FoxBusiness 2/18/2011

“[Collective bargaining] is a fundamental human right that’s recognized in the U.N. charter and which is recognized by human rights supporters and experts all over the world.”

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The ObamaCare tax hike that loses five times what it brings in

David Freddoso Washington Examiner 3/31/2010

We turn to the Wall Street Journal for the math on what it will cost to raise taxes on corporations’ retiree prescription drug coverage. This is the provision that has caused several corporations to take markdowns recently.

The bottom line: by closing this “loophole” — which was originally created to […]

Waxman, Stupak to convene hearing to question businesses cost-analysis of ObamaCare

Victor Godinez The Dallas Morning News 3/27/2010

AT & T Inc. said Friday it will take a $1 billion noncash charge to account for changes brought about by the national health care bill signed into law this week.

Previously, companies could get tax-free subsidies to help pay for prescription drug coverage for retired workers and, […]