'In Flanders Fields'


An American Housewife (occasionally) in London 11/11/2012

In the US we know, vaguely, of November 11th as Veteran’s Day, which follows the Marine Corps birthday by a day. Sadly, it isn’t much noticed. Memorial Day in May is bigger in the national consciousness.

In the UK Remembrance Sunday is held the closest Sunday […]

Soros Speech in Italy on Eurozone Crisis Goes Viral

In my judgment the authorities have a three months’ window during which they could still correct their mistakes and reverse the current trends. By the authorities I mean mainly the German government and the Bundesbank because in a crisis the creditors are in the driver’s seat and nothing can be done without German […]

Watch Nigel Farage Dance On The Euro’s Grave

Tyler Durden ZeroHedge 11/17/2011

Nigel Farage needs no introduction: the famous Euroskeptic is one of very few men who has had the temerity to question, often in an abnormally high decibel fashion, the stupidity of the Eurozone leaders from day one. Now that he has been proven correct, he has every right to gloat, which […]

What Fine Gael’s Win Means for the Irish Banks and the IMF Bailout

“…the interest on our debt could reach €12bn [$16.6 billion US] by the end of next year. This would eat up roughly 85pc of income tax revenue. That is an impossible burden and clearly unsustainable. That is just a beginning.

We are required by the EU to take on the debts […]

Ireland’s Governing Party Ousted in Historic Loss

“Ireland is open for business.” ~Enda Kenny

Sarah Lyall The New York Times 2/26/2011

LONDON — Ireland ousted its discredited government on Saturday, electing new leaders who pledged to restore faith in the country after the trauma of a calamitous economic collapse.

With most of the votes counted […]