Steven Chu’s Combative, Defensive DOE Exit

Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.


Wynton Hall Big Government 2 Feb 2013

After doling out 80% of the Department of Energy (DOE) loan program’s $20.5 billion to President Barack Obama’s top donors, taking three months to plug a […]

Presented With Letters, Ryan Admits Requesting Stimulus Cash

Gregory J. Krieg Jake Tapper Shushannah Walshe ABC News 8/16/2012

After repeated denials, Paul Ryan has admitted he requested stimulus cash even after sharply criticizing the program.

Ryan had denied doing so as recently as Wednesday, when he spoke to ABC’s Cincinnati affiliate, WCPO, in Ohio.

“I never asked for stimulus,” Ryan said. “I don’t […]

Taxpayer-funded A123 Green Energy Company Handed to Chinese

Lindsay Leveen Big Government 8 Aug 2012

A 123 Systems, the “green,” federal stimulus-funded lithium ion battery manufacturer, announced atrocious quarterly results today. Most expected that A 123‘s results would be dark red. What was a surprise was the simultaneous announcement that the company had entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a […]

Energy Secretary Chu’s War on Business

Investor’s Business Daily 10/12/2009

Public Discourse: Our energy secretary applauds and encourages companies to leave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its position on climate change. Should any Cabinet secretary, with the powers of government behind him, be threatening U.S. companies?

Part of the climate-change mantra is that the debate is over and the science […]