Gowdy on the Enforce the Law Act at Leadership Press Conference

Tgowdysc YouTube 3/12/2014

Rep. Gowdy explains the Enforce the Laws Act, which will be considered by the House today, at the weekly leadership press conference.

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House Passes ‘Enforce the Law’ Act

Bill pushes back against Obama’s ‘imperial presidency’

Elizabeth Harrington The Washington Free Beacon 3/12/2014

The House of Representatives passed the “Enforce the Law Act” Wednesday, a bill designed to push back against the numerous unilateral moves the Obama administration has used to circumvent the law.

Five Democrats joined Republicans in passing the bill by a […]

The president's power grab

Obama is not a dictator, but there is a danger in his aggregation of executive power.

Jonathan Turley Op-Ed The Los Angeles Times 3/9/2014

Recently, a bizarre scene unfolded on the floor of the House of Representatives that would have shocked the framers of the Constitution. In his State of the Union address, President Obama […]