Romney spoke in Irwin, Pennsylvania today

The Right Scoop 7/17/2012

Romney gave a fantastic speech today in Irwin, Pennsylvania that even earned him kudos from Michelle Malkin:

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To watch just the 10 minute clip from the speech that starts with Romney’s attack on Obama’s “you didn’t build it yourself” comments […]

How Krugman Would Ru(i)n Steve Jobs’ Apple

Paul Roderick Gregory Forbes 4/15/2012

The Left considers Steve Jobs, the charismatic PC pioneer, a self-centered individualist, who did not conform to elite etiquette. As Warren Buffet and Bill Gates gave away money with great fanfare, Jobs quietly devoted himself to creating value in Apple. He was conspicuously silent as Buffet recruited the super rich […]

This kid makes me feel hopeful

13 April 2012

Caine Monroy seems like a cool kid. And smart. This video made us feel hopeful for the future of America if we can just keep fostering this kind of creative, entrepreneurial, can-do spirit.

H/T iOwnTheWorld