Obama’s Proposal Would Make Effective Death Tax Rate as High as 68%

Stephen Moore The Daily Signal 2/8/2015

President Obama’s proposed changes to inheritance and capital gains taxes could raise the estate tax rate in the U.S. to the highest in the industrialized world.

The plan, announced during the State of the Union address, would eliminate what is called “step-up basis at death” on capital gains taxation. […]

Mark Levin Exposing Obama and Defending Capitalism, Private Property Rights

The Right Scoop 1/19/2015

In an excellent opening segment, Mark Levin responded to Obama’s tax increase proposal of the so-called ‘rich’, asking first whether conservatives and Republicans are even capable of exposing Obama’s welfare state and defending Capitalism, private property rights and the greatest economy on the face of the earth. That’s the question, and […]

Senate Passes Fiscal Cliff Deal

Pact Moves to House

Newsmax 01 Jan 2013

Hours past a self-imposed deadline for action, the Senate passed legislation early New Year’s Day to neutralize a fiscal cliff combination of across-the-board tax increases and spending cuts that kicked in at midnight. The pre-dawn vote was a lopsided 89-8.

Senate passage set the stage for a […]

The other ObamaCare middle class tax hike arrives in 2014. Update: Don’t forget: The coming death-tax dropkick

“The new tax will raise families’ insurance costs by as much as $7,000 over a decade. And as is the case with the other tax increases, the blue states will be hardest hit…we are looking at the death of the private market, with single-payer as the only option.“


John Hayward Human Events […]

Fiscal Cliff Fallout: Here's How Much We'll Being Paying as of January 1

Fox News Channel Facebook 11/15/2012

Nearly 90% of Americans will see a tax increase if lawmakers let us fall off the fiscal cliff on January 1, 2013. Take a look at how much extra you’ll be paying.

FOX FACTS: What Is the “Fiscal Cliff”?

With the presidential election decided, the talk in Washington now turns […]

Estate Tax Increase a Killer for Family-owned Businesses

The Heritage Foundation December 1, 2009

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote this week on a bill that would permanently extend the estate tax (known better as the death tax) at its current rate and exemption level. This extension would prevent the death tax from expiring as scheduled on January 1, 2010. As such […]