Soros at Bretton Woods: Chinese Inflation is ‘Serious Concern,’ Shadow Banks are Out of Control

Scott Baker The Blaze 4/9/2011

Business Insider:

George Soros spoke to Bloomberg Television from Bretton Woods yesterday on a variety of topics including his opposition to the recent ECB rate hike. He also discussed the current situation in China and his worries over inflation and the banking system there.

Business Insider lists the key […]

Sovereign Debt: A Threat To The Entire Financial System

Bill Bonner The Daily Reckoning Business Insider 3/4/2011

“Ireland is broke,” said our taxi driver.

We like to ask cab drivers about the economy. Not that they understand anything any better than the average central bank economist. But they talk to people. Without cameras or tape recorders in the background. And they have their own […]

Dublin protesters march against cuts as bail-out looms

BBC News 27 November 2010

…The EU and the IMF are set to lend the country more than 85bn euros ($113bn; £72bn), with the terms of the deal expected to be announced on Sunday ahead of the markets re-opening on Monday.

State broadcaster RTE has reported that the interest rate to be paid on part […]

Guess What Greece Has To Jettison?

Investor’s Business Daily 5/13/2010

Policy Failure: Greece was told that if it wanted a bailout, it needed to consider privatizing its government health care system. So tell us again why the U.S. is following Europe’s welfare state model.

The requirement, part of a deal arranged by the IMF, the European Union and the European Central […]