Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest

Amir Ayad lies in a hospital bed after he was allegedly beaten by Islamic hardliners who stormed a mosque in suburban Cairo. (MidEast Christian News) 3/26/2013

Islamic hard-liners stormed a mosque in suburban Cairo, turning it into torture chamber for Christians who had been demonstrating against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in […]

Exposing the UN’s dirty little secrets

A gathering of the tortured in Geneva shames the UN Human Rights Council by giving victims not perpetrators a platform to tell their story

Daniel Schwammenthal The Comentator 24 February 2013

The speakers were never meant to live and tell their stories. Their torturers expected them to either submit or die. But somehow these men […]

Iran in the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution

Mithridates Page F30 4/15/2009

Mention the word Iran to most people and this image is probably close to what first comes to mind:


Older people will remember a vastly different impression of Iran though, the Iran from before the Islamic Revolution. There are a large number of pictures and videos out there that […]