Lady Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, has died

Andrew Sparrow Politics Blog The Guardian [UK] 8 Apr 2013




12.58pm BST [7:58 am EDT] The Press Association has filed an obituary from Chris Moncrieff, its former political editor. Here is how it starts.

Margaret Thatcher was the woman who, virtually single-handed and in the space of one tumultuous decade, […]

UK Textbook Wipes Israel Off the Map

Samuel Westrop Gatestone Institute 1/3/2013


Why is the British Council, sponsored by the British Foreign Office, endorsing a textbook that wipes Israel off the map and indoctrinates students with anti-Western material?

Ahmadinejad promised it. Now British textbooks are doing it. Israel has been wiped off the map by Garnet Education, an English-language teaching company […]

Thatcher Foundation Responds to the ‘Palin Was Snubbed’ Report Saying, ‘The Guardian Has Minimal Credibility’

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 6/11/2011

The far left Palin-hating cranks at The Guardian reported this week that aides to Margaret Thatcher told them, “Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin… That would be belittling for Margaret – Sarah Palin is nuts.”

We all knew this did not sound like something Lady Thatcher would say. It […]

Barack Obama’s top 10 insults against Britain

Nile Gardiner Telegraph [UK] 3/1/2010

Last week’s appalling declaration by Washington that the US would remain neutral in the conflict between Britain and Argentina over the Falklands, has prompted this list of the ten biggest insults so far by the Obama administration against America’s closest friend and ally. For a government that pledged to “restore” […]

Argentina celebrates diplomatic coup as Hillary Clinton calls for talks over Falklands

(Picture Alliance/Photoshot) Argentine President Fernandez de Kirchner and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shake hands after a meeting at the presidential palace in Buenos Aires

by Giles Whittell, Hannah Strange, Catherine Philp and Martin Fletcher in Stanley Times [UK] 3 March 2010

Argentina was celebrating a diplomatic coup yesterday in its attempt to […]

Falklands tests the special relationship

Daily Mail Comment [UK] 25 February 2010

So far, 444 British personnel have died and countless more have been maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In both these hugely contentious wars, when America asked for our backing, despite deep national divisions, Britain provided more military support than any other nation.

After all the special relationship, although […]