Rebirth Of The Toxic Twins

Editorials 10/20/2014

Subprime Redux: Mel Watt’s easy credit crusade is now off and running. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s chief regulator has officially lowered lending standards for the entire mortgage industry. Here we go again.

In January, we warned that Watt’s swearing-in as head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency would mark the start […]

Housing nominee Mel Watt helped create the subprime crisis

Charles C. Johnson The Daily Caller 5/5/2013

Mel Watt, President Obama’s nominee for director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, pushed government programs to help welfare recipients buy homes during the creation of the subprime mortgage bubble.

Watt, a 20-year Member of Congress from North Carolina’s 12th district, also had a hand in programs allowing […]

Reports: Obama Set to Take Action on Housing, Student Loans Without Congress

Jonathon M. Seidl The Blaze 10/24/2011

This summer, Obama mentioned twice that he would like to circumvent Congress when it comes to pushing his agenda. Now, according to Reuters, it and the Associated Press it seems he is doing it.

“President Barack Obama this week will announce a series of actions to help the economy […]

Obama prepares for career as landlord

Jazz Shaw 8/11/2011

…The housing market is still in the tank and the government has been forced to foreclose on countless properties which now sit vacant, generating no tax revenue. The nation’s coffers are running dry and we have to tackle our debt problem. But nobody wants to raise taxes. What to do?

Why, […]

SEC Moves Toward Charging Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Executives

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 3/18/2011

THIS COMES DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO AN ADMISSION: SEC Moves Toward Charging Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Executives. “The Securities and Exchange Commission is moving toward charging former and current Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives with violations related to the financial crisis, setting up a clash with the housing regulator that oversees […]

Fannie Lost $13.1 Billion In 1Q, Needs Another $8.4 Billion Infusion

By Matt Egan 5/10/2010

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae (FNM: 1.06, 0.04, 3.92%) bled another $13.1 billion during the first quarter, prompting the U.S.-owned company to request another $8.4 billion cash infusion from the Treasury Department.

Fannie Mae, which was placed into conservatorship in 2008 amid enormous mortgage losses, said it lost $13.1 billion, or […]