The Chappaqua Case: The Feds Muscle In on Local Zoning Laws

HUD has rewritten the definition of “fair housing.”

Howard Husock National Review 7/30/2015

Here’s a question for Hillary Clinton: Should a U.S. attorney threaten a county with more than $1 million in fines if it refuses to pressure local officials to approve a housing development?

The issue is not at all hypothetical. It’s front and […]

Mark Levin brings the Constitution to life

Author explains why he wrote ‘The Liberty Amendments’

Hannity Fox News Channel 8/16/2013

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Update: David Limbaugh: Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments Deserves a National Discussion


Update 2: Is Obama changing the Constitution by executive order? And, I don’t think that word means what you […]

Section 4 of Voting Rights Act Found Unconstitutional

JD Patterico’s Pontifications 6/25/2013

Here is the ruling.

This proves how racist Republicans are, because they don’t want to impose 50 year old standards on States, and some counties, based on actions that took place 50 years ago. Gasp! Heaven forbid current standards should address current problems, and apply to States equally. The Dems were […]

Mark Levin: An up and down vote on the 2nd Amendment is unconstitutional!

The Right Scoop 4/9/2013

Mark Levin says that on Thursday the Senate intends to vote to change the 2nd amendment without any pretense of going through the amendment process, on a bill that hasn’t even been written yet. He says that this isn’t republicanism, it’s democratic tyranny. And the senators arguing to filibuster are being […]

How free is your state?

And the least free state in America is…

Erika Johnsen Hot Air 3/28/2013

…None other than the legislative haunt of Gov. Andrew “confiscation could be an option” Cuomo andloathsome nanny-state Mayor Bloomberg, of course. George Mason University’s Mercatus Center just released the third edition of their comprehensive “Freedom in the Fifty States” study, ranking “the […]

Obama: If I was on the Supreme Court, I’d strike down bans on gay marriage in every state

Allahpundit Hot Air 3/1/2013

In case there was any lingering doubt after last night’s post that O wants prohibitions on SSM neutralized coast to coast, not just in California, here’s the man himself at today’s presser to clarify.

Obama responded by saying: “What we’ve said is that same-sex couples are a group, a class that […]