House approves Keystone bill, as court ruling delivers win to pipeline backers 1/9/2015

The House easily passed a bill on Friday authorizing construction of the Keystone pipeline, just hours after Nebraska’s highest court tossed a lawsuit challenging the route — increasing pressure on President Obama to approve the long-delayed project.

The House approved the bill on a 266-153 vote, with 28 Democrats joining majority Republicans in […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks at Tea Party Patriots 5 Year Anniversary

SenTedCruz YouTube 2/27/2014

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Update: Progressive Political Strategist Gives Surprising Advice to the Left Regarding the Tea Party (video)


Democratic Think Tank Study Finds Harry Reid and Senate Dems are Responsible for Gridlock

Heather Ginsberg Townhall 1/15/2014

As if it wasn’t obvious before, we now have a liberal leaning think tank blaming Senate Democrats for all the trouble the government has been having lately. Newest analysis from the Brookings Institution points directly at the Democrat-controlled Senate to blame for the congressional gridlock.

Justifying this conclusion the analysis opens […]

White House refuses to rule out nuking filibuster rules for legislation too

Allahpundit Hot Air 11/22/2013

Via Mediaite, which clipped this because of Jon Karl’s cheeky allusion to O dumping Hindenburg pilot Kathleen Sebelius near the end. That’s cute, but I’m more interested in what Josh Earnest (pinch-hitting for Jay Carney) says before that. Karl wants to know whether the White House opposes going full thermonuclear by […]

Ted Cruz Might Just Have Won the Future for the GOP

Once denounced by McCain as ‘wacko birds’ hogging the spotlight, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are soaring. Nick Gillespie on why Cruz’s faux filibuster has nothing to do with Obamacare—and everything to do with building a broad-based coalition.

Nick Gillespie The Daily Beast 9/25/2013

Make no mistake about it: the on-going “extended speech” by Sen. […]

Chris Matthews Admits: Cruz has 30%…Harry Reid Doesn’t Have 30% Behind Him

Elizabeth Sheld InstaBlog 25 Sep 2013

On Morning Joe, Chris Matthews made a stunning admission. At the conclusion of a discussion about the Cruz “filibuster”, Matthews said that Cruz was playing to his crowd. He went on to say:

We all know this country is balkanized..and he’s playing to that 20%-30%…they’re there and they […]