Official: 12 Bodies Recovered After Texas Blast

Christopher Sherman and Nomaan Merchant Associated Press in West, TX via ABC News 4/19/2013

The bodies of 12 people have been recovered from the remnants of a tiny Texas farm town that was rocked by a roaring explosion at a fertilizer plant, authorities said Friday, confirming for the first time the number of people who […]

Explosion at Texas plant injures firefighters

The Waco Tribune 4/17/2013

Several firefighters and others were injured in a fertilizer plant explosion in West shortly before 8 p.m.

Multiple buildings were reported to be on fire, including West Middle School, 406 W. Shook St., after the explosion at West Fertilizer Co., 1471 Jerry Mashek Drive, and a dispatcher calling for ambulances said […]

Sequestration: The Sequester Spending Cuts Are Happening, One Way or Another

Amy Payne The Morning Bell 2/19/2013

Federal budget cuts called “sequestration” are scheduled to hit in just 10 days. The sequestration cuts are not perfect—they’re a blunt instrument to cut spending, rather than a deliberative plan that sets priorities, trims entitlements, and cuts other spending. But they are law.

It would be better to […]

Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial

Preventing juvenile mass murder in American schools is the job of police officers, school teachers, and concerned parents

Doug Wyllie 5/5/2010

“Never call an unarmed man ‘security’.”

“How many kids have been killed by school fire in all of North America in the past 50 years? Kids killed… school fire… North America… […]

Harry’s holiday gift to unions: S. 3991

*S. 3991: Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2010 “A bill to provide collective bargaining rights for public safety officers employed by States or their political subdivisions.”

6 December 2010

Yesterday we received an email from Mark Mix of the group National Right to Work Committee. Here is some of what it says: