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FoundingBloggers 3/20/2010

Obama Supporter: “What’s Wrong With A Little Bit Of Socialism?”

Yesterday, we attended an impromptu Tea Party outside the Evanston, IL office of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Below are some photos and our in-depth video report documenting the event.

Very few people turned out, but that didn’t prevent the scene from turning dramatic as […]

Andrew Breitbart’s Address To CPAC 2010

H/T Founding Bloggers 2/22/2010

Quote of the day

Actually more than a quote. It’s Andrew Breitbart speaking at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville over the weekend.

From Founding Bloggers, February 9, 2010:

Andrew Breitbart is a media revolutionary. This is not a dramatic statement. It’s a reasoned conclusion based on Breitbart’s dramatic statements made during his keynote address to the 1st National […]

“Founding Bloggers” Divert Sen. Durbin’s Call for “Emergency Funds” to Scott Brown

Clever bloggers! Here is another example of why the Progressives in the administration want to control the internet…for our own good. Also it seems to us that with the DNC, SEIU, ACORN and a variety of big pharma/insurance PACS contributing to her campaign that Ms. Coakley’s financial picture should be great. Of course, running smear […]