Chicago’s Archbishop: Obama Will ‘Steal’ Or Close Down All Catholic Hospitals Within Two Years

Michael Brendan Dougherty Business Insider 2/29/2012

Barack Obama’s hometown Archbishop, Cardinal George, has issued a dire warning: if Obama’s regulations on health insuranceare allowed to stand, all Catholic hospitals and schools will be destroyed through fines, sold-off to non-Catholics, or closed down within two years.

He says that the Church will be “despoiled of her […]

Does the ObamaCare individual mandate make contracts unenforceable?

Ed Morrissey 2/28/2012

I must admit that until I heard this argument from the Institute for Justice, I never considered the implications of ObamaCare requiring individuals to sign contracts for insurance coverage. In any other context, signing a contract under threat of force constitutes duress, which negates the contract under centuries-old legal standards. What […]