Van Jones (Sorta) Walks Back His Weird, Fact-Free Attack on ‘So-Called Libertarians’

Mike Riggs Reason Magazine 4/10/2012

Last we heard from Van Jones, President Obama’s former Green Jobs czar, he was trashing “so-called libertarians” for hating brown folks, gays, lesbians, immigrants and people with piercings. Called on it during an appearance on RT’s The Alyona Show (where—full disclosure!—Reason’s myriad personalities regularly opine), Jones modified his statement:

“Well, […]

Van Jones threatening legal action against Fox News Channel, Glenn Beck

Burgess Everett Politico 6/20/2011

…Attorneys acting on behalf of the president’s former “green jobs” czar sent a letter to Fox News demanding that the network immediately cease using six characterizations about Jones and asked for a retraction from Glenn Beck by June 24.

The six characterizations described in the letter, obtained by POLITICO, are:

– […]