NSA Chief: Federal Legislation to End Media Leaks Only Weeks Away

Michael Lotfi BenSwann.com 3/7/2014

National Security Agency (NSA) chief executive General Keith Alexander addressed a cyber-security panel Tuesday where he proclaimed that “media leaks legislation” he introduced to prevent journalists from reporting on government surveillance programs like those leaked by Edward Snowden could reach the floor within a couple weeks.

“We’ve got to handle media […]

Chavez Arrests Last Opposition TV Station Owner; Latest Example of What FCC Diversity Czar Lloyd Called Taking the Media Seriously?

Seton Motley NewsBusters.org 3/29/2010

Is this what Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd meant when he said (on camera) Venezuelan thug dictator Hugo Chavez (take that, Sean Penn) had begun “to take very seriously the media in his country”- while praising Chavez’s “incredible…democratic revolution?”

The Associated Press (AP) late Friday night reported […]