How not to be mugged while you’re being ‘gate-raped’

In the airport: security at TSA security

neo-neocon 7/9/2011

As a friend of mine learned to his dismay the other day, “security” at the security checkpoint isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’d already read about a growing problem with TSA agents stealing from luggage. But, as my friend learned, it’s also necessary to […]

Canada not adopting U.S.-style airport patdowns

Reuters 11/25/2010

(Reuters) – Canada has no plans to introduce the airport patdowns for domestic flights that have angered travellers in the United States, the country’s top transport official said on Wednesday.

The federal government co-ordinates with the United States on airline security but also recognizes Canadians have a right to be “treated properly and […]

Several Lawmakers Invested in L-3 Communications, Maker of Airport Body-Scanning Machines

Michael Beckel 11/23/2010

A handful of federal lawmakers are invested in one of the companies behind the controversial full-body scanning machines now in more than 60 U.S. airports. The individual investments are worth thousands, and in some cases tens or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

According to a Center for Responsive Politics review of […]