People's Climate Marchers Trash The Town To Promote Communism

Marooned in Marin 9/21/2014

Up in New York City today, there was a big march called the Peoples Climate March, to raise “awareness” about combating the man-made fraud known as GloBULL Warming.

Algore was there, as was actor Leonardo di Crapio.

But this “march” showed the hypocrisy not only of the big promoters like di […]

Have You Hugged Your Garbage Man Today?

Drew M. Ace of Spades HQ 10/2/2012

Mitt Romney’s garbageman thinks Mitt’s a mean guy because he’s never hugged him or offered him something to drink.


The ad is from AFSCME, the largest public employees union.

Here’s my question for the butthurt garbageman…Have you ever thanked Mitt Romney or anyone else for working […]

Mike Bloomberg calls for more decorum in public life…

…but some people aren’t impressed

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 2/4/2011

MIKE BLOOMBERG CALLS FOR MORE DECORUM IN PUBLIC LIFE, but some people aren’t impressed: “But I guess it’s OK for Bloomberg to diss ObamaCare opponents by insinuating they had a role in the attempted bombing of Times Square, or diss the state of Arizona by running […]