Did Richard Grenell choose to resign post in Romney campaign simply because he wanted to keep his private life private?

B. Daniel Blatt GayPatriot 5/2/2012

In most, but fortunately not all coverage of what John Podhoretz dubbed L’Affaire Grenell, various pundits and pontificators have attempted to discern some anti-gay prejudice or crass pusillanimity within the Republican Party in general and the Romney campaign in particular.

In doing so, most lose sight of the basic facts […]

Easier to be gay in a conservative environment than to be conservative in a gay environment

B. Daniel Blatt Gay Patriot 8/26/2010

In his post on Ken Mehlman’s coming out, Don Surber, while mistakenly calling me the GayPatriot (that title belongs to my co-blogger Bruce) cites some of the bile on the left and wonders at one of the smears, “If you smear a homosexual as homophobic, does that make you […]

Sean Penn Hopes His Critics ‘Die Screaming of Rectal Cancer’

Sean Penn’s Anal Issues: Actor Hopes His Critics ‘Die Screaming of Rectal Cancer’

by John Nolte BigHollywood.com 3/5/2010

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Last night I was on the Stage Right Show with the great Ben Shapiro and he alerted me to this story about Sean Penn’s latest addition to his growing list of butt-fetish […]