GAO Report: Obama’s Policies ‘Not Sustainable’

Celia Bigelow Big Government 19 Feb 2013

For two months, reporters and lawmakers have ignored a devastating report from the federal government itself, which warns that the nation’s current fiscal policy will lead to economic collapse.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO)—the personal auditor of President Obama and the federal government—released its assessment of the […]

Trump: Buying NY Times ‘Very Tough’ Deal

Dan Well MoneyNews 21 Jan 2013

Real estate billionaire Donald Trump says he has looked at purchasing The New York Times, but that it would be a difficult deal.

“I think a lot of people are hoping it’s true” that he’d buy it, Trump tells Fox Business Network. “I’ve looked at the numbers. Their numbers […]

GDP collapse puts U.S. economy into recession red zone

James Pethokoukis AEIdeas American Enterprise Institute 9/27/2012

…GDP growth for the second quarter was revised down to 1.25%. Here is Reuters:

Economic growth was much weaker than previously estimated in the second quarter as a drought cut into inventories, setting the platform for an even more sluggish performance in the current quarter against the backdrop […]

Study shows Obama tax plan bad news for the economy — especially in blue states

Ed Morrissey


…Republicans want to follow the CBO’s advice and cancel the tax hikes, while looking for other ways to reduce spending rather than the sequestration policies set to take effect in January. Democrats want to hold both hostage to force the GOP to agree to Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on earners […]

ABC News: Obama Tax Increases Will Affect 900,000 Small Businesses Breitbart TV 9 Jul 2012

Also, at Big Government, Obama Prepares to Drop Tax-Increase Bomb On Job Creators

…Today, in yet another desperate attempt to win a news cycle as opposed to do his job and what’s best for the country, Obama will use the high-profile setting of the Rose Garden to call […]

New Republican budget promises entitlement reforms, lower taxes

Will Rahn The Daily Caller 5/10/2012

A new Republican budget introduced by freshman Sen. Mike Lee this week takes a hard line against entitlement spending, high taxes and the growth of government.

According to an outline obtained by The Daily Caller, the budget promises to reduce publicly held debt to roughly 52 percent of GDP […]