Speaker at Occupy Event Says “I want ya’ll to start killing mother f–kers”

Eric Odom Liberty News Network 25 Apr 2012

Remember when Nancy Pelosi got emotional and lectured everyone on potential violence at tea party rallies?…

…As you’ll recall there never was any tea party violence. There is, however, constant cases of violence and calls for it at Occupy rallies. As can be seen at the recent […]

A Clockwork Organic Orange

Ed Driscoll PJ Media 11/4/2011

Mark Steyn writes, “Occupiers part of grand alliance against the productive,” in his weekly column:

When the rumor spread that the Whole Foods store, of all unlikely corporate villains, had threatened to fire employees who participated in the protest, the Regional President David Lannon took to Facebook: “We totally support […]

Communist Angela Davis Gives Opening Speech at #Occupy Oakland ‘General Strike’

Donald Douglas American Power 11/4/2011

Notorious communist Angela Davis has been making the rounds nationwide, speaking out for the “occupation.” And from Oakland, see: “Black Panthers and Communist Revolutionary Thug Angela Davis in Oakland.”

CAJ note: This video was posted to YouTube by Martinezzz who wrote:

Video footage of Angela Davis giving one of […]


3 November 2011

Occupy Oakland protesters pass a burning garbage heap during a confrontation with police on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, in Oakland, CA. AP Photo/Noah Berger. Click on the image to enlarge. H/T Weasel Zippers.

‘Confused’ Oakland Police Slam Mayor’s Handling of Occupy Protests, ‘Strike’

Tiffany Gabbay The Blaze 11/1/2011

If protesting […]