Group Urges Research Into Aggressive Efforts to Fight Climate Change

Cornelia Dean The New York Times 10/4/2011

With political action on curbing greenhouse gases stalled, a bipartisan panel of scientists, former government officials and national security experts is recommending that the government begin researching a radical fix: directly manipulating the Earth’s climate to lower the temperature.

Members said they hoped that such extreme engineering techniques, […]

‘US may stop using UN veto on resolutions targeting Israel’

‘Guardian’ says US official assured Abbas Washington could consider move; State Department denies reports.

Jerusalem Post 30/04/2010

In an attempt to launch indirect proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinians, the US has given private assurances that it would consider not using its veto power against UN Security Council condemnations of any significant new settlement […]

Israel in Response to Mitchell Loan Guarantee Threat: Blame PA

by Hillel Fendel and Gil Ronen Israel National News 1/10/2010

The Prime Minister’s Office reacted Sunday to an implied threat by U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, regarding American loan guarantees to Israel. Mitchell had said that his country could withhold support on loan guarantees to pressure Israel in negotiations with the […]