Non-citizens, Convicted Felons Could Swing the Election for Obama

Kevin Mooney Big Government 6/7/2012

Mitt Romney’s lead over President Barack Obama in the states most likely to decide the presidential election could diminish over the next few weeks if left wing pressure groups work successfully to block ballot integrity efforts. Catherine Engelbrecht, president and founder of “True the Vote,” is blunt. She warns […]

SEIU VP Says Opposition by “White Workers” to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is “Racist”

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 4/11/2010

Here is Naked Emperor News video of an SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Vice-President – Gerry Hudson – making the statement that opposition to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” on the part of “White” Union Workers is “so f**king racist.” He had previously said there is opposition among African-Americans as well, but that […]