A Constitutional Argument Against the So-Called ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ *

How awful is a new GMO law amendment you’ve probably heard about?

Baylen Linnekin Reason Magazine 4/6/2013

How awful is a new GMO law amendment you’ve probably heard derided as the Monsanto Protection Act?

To answer that question, I’ve turned to page 199 of my dog-eared 2001 copy of Examples & Explanations: Administrative Law by […]

Obama Betrays Americans Again…With the Monsanto Protection Act

Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper 3/27/2013

Of course, it’s hard to honestly expect President Barack Obama to do the right thing, but many people held out hope that he would veto the most dangerous food act ever to pass the US Congress. After all, one of his campaign promises the first time around was to […]

Connecticut’s GE Foods Bill Eviscerated by Lawyers

Analiese Paik Fairfield Green Food Guide 5/5/2012

Connecticut’s Genetically Engineered Foods bill may still be alive, but it is no longer a bill requiring the labeling of GE foods. As of last night, the labeling provision was removed. Why was this bill eviscerated?

Rep. Richard Roy of Milford, co-chair of the Environment Committee and the […]