The Radical Mr. Liu: Overrunning America’s Constitution

Editorial 8/5/2011

Governor Jerry Brown has nominated Berkeley Law professor Goodwin Liu [emphasis CAJ] for a position on the California Supreme Court. Republican senators led a successful filibuster of Liu’s appointment to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals back in May. As CNN reported, “Liu was the first of President Barack Obama’s judicial picks […]

Cloture vote scheduled for Goodwin ‘Reparations’ Liu’s nomination

Morgen Verum Serum 5/18/2011

Well, tomorrow’s the day. Word came out late yesterday that Harry Reid has scheduled a cloture vote for Goodwin Liu, Obama’s controversial nominee to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. There are numerous reasons for conservatives to oppose Liu’s nomination, but I don’t think anything better captures just how far out […]

Richard Painter’s Deceptive Portrayal of Goodwin Liu–Part 1

Ed Whelan National Review Online 3/2/2011

On Huffington Post, law professor (and former Bush White House ethics adviser) Richard Painter offers an extensive, but badly flawed, defense of Goodwin Liu that falsely accuses me of “invent[ing] a series of myths about Liu with no basis in reality.” The opening part of Painter’s essay consists of […]

Obama resubmits judicial nominations to Senate

Darlene Superville Associated Press via Yahoo! News 1/6/2011

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Wednesday resubmitted a batch of federal judicial nominations that didn’t clear the Senate last year, including four that provoked strong objections from some Republican lawmakers.

Obama sent 42 names to the Senate. They include 35 nominees for federal district courts and […]

DOJ Scolded by White House for Liu’s Trouble

John Verum Serum 6/1/2010

Sounds like our own Morgen got some people at DOJ in a wee bit of trouble:

According to one Justice Department lawyer, the office lost some credibility with the White House after Republicans seized on holes in the Senate questionnaire of a controversial nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for […]

Goodwin Liu for the 9th Circuit Court: an update

Paul Mirengoff Power Line 5/15/2010

Goodwin Liu, the radical law professor President Obama nominated to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee on a straight party vote this week. However, I continue to think there’s a good chance Liu won’t clear the full Senate.

Dawn Johnsen, Obama’s nominee to head the […]