America’s Governor: ‘The Taxpayers have a right to be heard, too’

MSNBC 2/19/2011 via

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Fox News analyst […]

Lost: the common good

Editorial The Chicago Tribune 2/17/2011

America’s labor movement can claim historic victories that have served the common good. Safer workplaces. Laws to protect children from workplace exploitation. The eight-hour workday. Those who are in unions can justifiably be proud of those and other accomplishments.

But how proud are they that the children of Madison, Wis., […]

WI governor signs bill requiring teaching of labor

USA Today 12/10/2009

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin schools will be required to teach the history of organized labor under a bill signed by Gov. Jim Doyle. The bill Doyle signed Thursday also requires Wisconsin schools to teach the history or collective bargaining…

…Labor unions supported the bill.

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