Labor Leader Lashes Out at Job-Killing EPA Greenhouse Gas Rule

Sean Hackbarth Free Enterprise 4/5/2012

I’m having a strange bedfellows moment. Both a labor union leader and the Wall Street Journal editorial page agree on something: EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas rule is a job-killer.

Let’s start with United Mine Workers of America president Cecil Roberts. To say he is slightly agitated would be an understatement. […]

Sen. Hatch: ‘I Hope’ Obama Not Delaying Troop Decision to Help Corzine, Deeds

By PoliJAM October 25, 2009

SEN. ORRIN HATCH (R-UTAH): I understand why these are tough decisions, but I think its taking too long. And some people have even been, I think, hyper-critical in suggesting that he’s waiting until after this election because they have some tough governorships up for election. I hope that’s not the […]

‘Corzine, Cash & Corruption’

from The Save Jersey Blog

“Just hours after Bergen County’s longtime Democratic machine boss, Joseph Ferriero, was convicted Thursday on three federal felony corruption counts — which could land him in prison for 20 years — New Jersey’s governor proudly defended having written him personal checks totaling nearly a half-million dollars.

That’s right: Corzine, […]

Is New Jersey Cooking the Books?

The state’s job-creation numbers seem to come with expiration dates.

By Jim Geraghty National Review Contributor October 14, 2009

When an incumbent governor goes before the voters seeking another term, the difference between reelection and defeat often lies in the economy. And while the economy’s performance affects people in many ways — inflation, home prices, […]