Chilling: President Obama Threatened Several Governors This Week

Sara Noble Independent Sentinel 2/26/2014

Texas Governor Rick Perry presented a chilling summary of Obama’s meeting with a group of governors at the White House on Monday.

Perry says Obama made it clear that he doesn’t trust governors to make decisions about their respective states on a variety of issues.

Perry said, “I don’t mind […]

The States Fight in the Last Ditch Against Obamacare

They could still win if their leaders have the courage to stick to their guns.

David Catron The American Spectator 11/19/2012

Last July, I wrote that the states still had the power to kill Obamacare, despite the Supreme Court’s gross dereliction of duty in Florida v. HHS. My point was that the insurance exchanges required […]

20 things that went right on Election Day

Michelle Malkin 11/7/2012

1. Republicans retained control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

2. Voters in Alabama, Montana, and Wyoming all passed measures limiting Obamacare.

3. Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, one of the conservative movement’s brightest rising stars, overcame establishment GOP opposition to clinch a U.S. Senate victory in Texas.

4. Corruptocrat Beltway barnacle […]

In Somes States, New Laws May Not be on the Books for Long

Scott Bauer Associated Press via 12/29/2010

Madison, Wis. (AP) – Revamped gun measures and tougher rules for payday lenders are among the laws set to take effect around the country on Jan. 1. But some of them may not be on the books for long.

This January, the statutes will kick in just as […]

Likely GOP Gov. victories in November could have big effect on redistricting

Mark Hemingway Washington Examiner 3/23/2010

Over at Real Clear Politics, Sean Trende takes a look at the electoral landscape for gubernatorial elections in the Midwest and sees the potential for the GOP to make some significant redistricting gains in Congress:

The biggest state-level prizes in the 2010 midterm elections will be a string of governor’s […]