Five Ways Obama's Foreign Policies Have Failed

James Carafano The Foundry 4/12/2014

On a Moscow train platform, two men smoke and swap rumors in the frozen evening air.

“I hear they’ve raised the Russian flag in Donetsk?” one says.

“I hear Crimea, too.”

So reports freelance journalist Noah Sneider in Slate.

As Russian troops hoisted their flag over Crimea, President Obama’s […]

US, UK and European envoys trapped in Yemen embassy

CNN Wire Staff 5/22/2011

The American, British and European Union ambassadors to Yemen are trapped in an embassy surrounded by gunmen angry about efforts by Arab mediators to ease President Ali Abdullah Saleh out of power, the American envoy told CNN.

U.S. Ambassador Gerald Feierstein said the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and […]