Hopeful Video: Watch What Happens When Black Man is Berated for Interracial Relationship

Barbara Boland MRCTV 12/4/2014

This video shows what happens when a black man is berated in a Harlem barbershop for being in an interracial relationship. It just might surprise you.

It’s from ABC’s “What Would You Do?” In the video, a black actress portrays a hairdresser who engages in racist rants against a black man’s […]

‘I think Bill’s had enough.’

Bill O’Reilly catches Al Sharpton in massive lie

Glenn Beck 8/16/2013

– –

…Watch the video of O’Reilly’s remarks HERE.

“That is not ‘Let’s go have dinner.’ That is a declaration of war,” Glenn said. “Congratulations, Bill O’Reilly… Now, Bill O’Reilly gets a lot of crap, I think, because he doesn’t put up with crap… […]

In the Tank: American People’s Trust in Pro-bama Media Crumbling

Michael Ramirez. Click here to enlarge.


Kyle Becker Independent Journal Review 9/21/2012

The American people’s trust in the Obama lapdog media is crumbling, which shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who reads news from both the right and the left side of the aisle. The new low of 40% “fair amount/great deal” […]

Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams: Public education a bigger threat to blacks than the Klan

“Well, the Harlem schools in those days were different than the Harlem schools today. If you wanted an education, you could get it in the middle of Harlem. That is not true today when we have so much utter nonsense taking up time, and we have so many judicial rulings making it impossible […]

When Glenn Beck met Anthony in Harlem