Farage: ‘Get your money out now’

UKIP Nigel Farage on Cyprus bailout, and EU theft from the citizens, March 19th – 2013

UKIPmedia YouTube 3/20/2013

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Update: Cavuto: This Whole Confiscation of Funds Has Already Happened in America

…Fox News host and business expert Neil Cavuto is warning this isn’t simply a concept in some small, far away […]

The More Businesses Learn About Obamacare, The More Reluctant They Are To Hire

Wondering why the unemployment rate has been near or above 8 percent for nearly four years? The Federal Reserve has an answer for you: Obamacare.

Sally Pipes Forbes 3/18/2013

Earlier this month, the Fed released its latest “beige book” – a monthly report on economic conditions across the country. The book noted that employers across […]

How Will Taxmageddon Impact You?

The Heritage Foundation 6/11/2012

CAJ note: This information was calculated before ObamaHealthTax was passed into law by Chief Justice Roberts.

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Also at Heritage: Tax Increase by State.

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Also, ObamaCare Home Sale […]

Under Obama administration middle-class America is well on the way to serfdom

Our headline is a quote from this post at The Astute Bloggers to whom we owe a hat tip. They’ve linked to several very good sites in their post and we urge you to visit them. ~CAJ

Another Charming Aspect of the ObamaCare Minefield

Repair_Man_Jack RedState 6/16/2011

Beginning January 1, 2013, ObamaCare imposes a 3.8% […]

A license required for your house courtesy of Cap and Trade

Posted by Frank M. Carrio, CMI NACHI.org 11/2/2009

Cap and Trade: A License Required for your Home

We encourage you to read the provisions of the Cap and Trade Bill that has passed the House of Representatives and being considered by the Senate. We are ready to join the next march on Washington! This Congress […]