FEMA’S use of term ‘federal family’ for government expands under Obama

George Bennett The Palm Beach Post 8/31/2011

Don’t think of it as the federal government but as your “federal family.”

In a Category 4 torrent of official communications during the approach and aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has repeatedly used the phrase “federal family” when describing the Obama administration’s response to […]

Chuck Schumer stayed abroad during Irene

Reid J. Epstein Politico 8/30/2011

Where in the world was Chuck Schumer?

Hurrican Irene was a natural disaster aimed at the nation’s largest media market with days of warning, the perfect opportunity for politicians from jurisdictions large and small to appear on TV to issue safety warnings and, later, reassure constituents government is there to […]

Biden Golfed in Hours Preceding Hurricane

Ed Henry FoxNews.com 8/28/2011

Delaware was pounded by Hurricane Irene on Saturday night, but Vice President Biden got in one last round of golf in his home state before the heavy stuff started coming down, Fox News has learned.

Biden played golf at a Wilmington-area course on Saturday morning, according to two sources familiar with […]

NASA Satellite Photo of Hurricane Irene

NASA Just Posted This Frightening Satellite Photo Of Irene Hitting Land

Leah Goldman Business Insider 8/27/2011

NASA just posted this photo of Irene hitting land and it’s quite frightening. The photo was taken by the GOES-13 Satellite at 7:40 am (via Mashable):

click on the image to enlarge


Hellstorm 2011: The threat from Irene is overhyped, says forecaster

Allahpundit HotAir.com 8/26/2011

This post by Dr. Simon Atkins is making the rounds thanks to a Drudge link, but after reading it and listening to Mark Levin’s interview with the author, it sounds like he’s perfectly in line with what we knew a few hours ago. In brief:

1. The early fears that this thing […]