‘I plan to treat HHS restrictions just as the President treats laws passed by Congress…’

“…as ‘suggestions.’ ”

Congressman Jim Bridenstine Facebook 7/11/2014

After being denied access to the federal facility operated by HHS that houses unaccompanied alien children, I notified them that I intend to visit the facility tomorrow.

The HHS response included a list of restrictions including no questions during the tour, no contact with staff or children, […]

USA Today Reporter: Border Crisis Obama’s ‘Katrina Moment’

The Washington Free Beacon 7/7/2014

USA Today reporter Susan Page called Obama’s decision not to visit the border during his trip to Texas “a Katrina moment.”

Several other panelists on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown expressed surprise that Obama has announced he will not visit the border, despite the growing crisis as migrant children flood the border.


Obamacare is NOT Hurricane Katrina

Nick,ColoradoPatriot GayPatriot 11/15/2013

It’s not like me to lift in toto from somewhere else, but from time to time someone really nails it. In referencing how Obamacare is not Hurricane Katrina, in his weekly newsletter (to which if you’re not subscribing, you should), National Review’s Jonah Goldberg has this to say:

The New York Times […]

$700 Mil in Hurricane Recovery Funds Gone With the Wind

Corruption Chronicles Judicial Watch 4/4/2013

In yet another example of how the Obama administration blows the nation’s tax dollars, hundreds of millions earmarked for a failed housing program have vanished and the feds aren’t terribly worried about recovering the lost cash.

The missing loot is part of a highly questionable Housing and Urban Development (HUD) […]

Former New Orleans mayor charged with bribery, fraud

Michael Kunzelman The Washington Times 1/18/2013

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — More than a decade ago, Ray Nagin was elected mayor of New Orleans on a vow to root out corruption in a city plagued by decades of it. On Friday, the former mayor was indicted on charges he lined his pockets with bribe money, payoffs […]

Why Isn’t Sandy Obama’s Katrina?

Bethany Mandel Commentary Magazine 11/14/2012

The pictures from New Orleans after Katrina were iconic. Stories breathlessly filed from the Superdome warned of rampant crimes, inadequate access to basic sanitation, even babies getting raped (which was later proven to be a rumor). CNN’s Anderson Cooper berated Senator Mary Landrieu on air about the government’s response to […]