What Ever Happened to the Hutaree Militia?

Jesse Walker Reason Magazine 8/10/2012

Another radical decides to work within the system:

A former militia member who was acquitted of plotting to rebel against the U.S. government hopes to have a new gig: township constable.

Michael Meeks got 120 votes in the Republican primary Tuesday in Washtenaw County’s Bridgewater Township. He now advances to […]

Judge’s Ruling a Victory for Hutaree and Free Speech

K. Douglas Lee BigGovernment.com 5/7/2010

Earlier this week, on May 3rd, we witnessed liberty in action: a Clinton-appointed federal judge took the government to task over its continued holding of the Hutaree “Christian militia” members in Michigan.

They can try to spin it any way they want, but the government lost this one, big-time. […]