The Pritzker Hearing and the Chicago-DC Ruling Class

Joel B. Pollak Big Government 24 May 2013

…Pritzker might well pass confirmation 100 to zero. And that is a shame, because it is hard to imagine a worse representative of American business. Pritzker was born into wealth; she ran a bank into the ground through subprime lending; she served on the board of […]

And in union news this week…

Judge rules against SEIU in California fight

Alec MacGillis The Washington Post 7/21/2011

A judge ruled this week that the Service Employees International Union improperly coerced workers caught in the middle of SEIU’s high-stakes turf battle with a breakaway union in California, potentially invalidating a 2010 election involving 43,500 employees.

SEIU, the nation’s most politically […]