It turns out the 'Evil' Koch Bros are only the 59th biggest donors in American politics

Can you guess who is number one?

Mark Tapscott The Washington Examiner 2/14/2014

Charles and David Koch are the two most evil people in American politics, right? We know that because Jane Mayer proved it with her landmark “Covert Operations” tour de liberal force in 2010.

Well, it turns out that Mayer’s aim was off […]

‘Katrina’ on the Hudson

Katrina or Sandy? Late warnings, confused and inadequate responses, FEMA foul-ups and suffering refugees.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds USA Today 11/12/2012

Is the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy turning into Katrina-on-the-Hudson? Pretty much, and that tells us some things about Sandy, and Katrina, and the press…

…late warnings, confused and inadequate responses, FEMA foul-ups and suffering refugees. […]

NewsBusters corrects Hurricane Sandy article via Facebook 11/5/2012

Correction: A local CBS affiliate in Alabama recently reported that non-union crews were turned away from aiding in New Jersey. We showed you a clip from their show.

It appears their reporting was false. Utility crews from Alabama were not turned away from aid work by unions in New Jersey.


I Have Seen The Future And It Is Sandy

T.L. Davis TL in Exile 11/2/2012

…These catastrophes only foreshadow the inevitable economic collapse. It can be instructive to see how people act when they cannot get fuel, when they have no electricity, when they can’t charge the phones on which they have become so dependent. It will get worse…

…Nothing would have prevented Sandy […]

The Federal assaults on Texas meet responses you’d hope for

And those fighting against Texas’s sovereignty are the usual progressive suspects.

The EPA assault on Texas

J.E. Dyer 6/19/2011

The necessary precondition for Texas’s unique economic success – a beacon in a deep recession – is energy. And the EPA is closing in for the kill.

This would be one thing if Texas were […]

Union Brothers and Sisters, Join Our Commonsense Cause!

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin’s Notes 8/26/2010

Two years ago almost to the day, I was thrilled to meet with union members at the Alaska AFL-CIO Convention in Anchorage to sign important job-creation legislation related to the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act. As a former card-carrying IBEW sister married to a proud former IBEW and later […]