Christian Cop Loses Appeal--Must Attend Mosque

Event included discussion of Islamic beliefs, Muhammad, Mecca, prayer, Quran

Bob Unruh WorldNetDaily 5/23/2014

DENVER – A panel of federal judges in Denver, in an opinion written by Judge Harris Hartz, found that it is perfectly appropriate for a police chief to order subordinates to attend an Islamic mosque where Muslims “discussed Islamic beliefs, Muhammad, […]

Why Was Jumah at the DNC?

Daniel Noe Western Journalism 9/7/2012

Zuhdi Jasser explains…to Glenn Beck…


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Television historian Tom Holland is receiving a multitude of criticisms and threats following his in-depth investigation into Islam. After examining the faith and its early texts, […]

‘Jumah at the 2012 DNC’

He [Barack Obama] should ensure that those Muslims he talks to do represent authentic Islam. All Islamic movements oppose America’s policies. If Obama talks to Muslims who support America’s policies, it will be an exercise in futility.


Radical Islam Joins the DNC

Breeanne Howe RedState 8/21/2012

Starting at the end of this […]