The bad news from Illinois

Rosslyn Smith American Thinker 3/21/2012

Turnout was simply dreadful, the lowest in many people’s lifetime…

…Admittedly many Illinois voters are post party politics after decades of corruption by Democrat and Republican alike but this low of turnout is not a healthy sign. Low turnout tends to means one of two things. Sometimes low turnout means […]

Meltdown: For first time, most Americans believe their own rep doesn’t deserve reelection

Allahpundit 8/9/2011

Note well: It’s a poll of adults, not a poll of voters, so it’s no predictor of how next year’s vote will shake out. But I want you to see it anyway because it corroborates other recent polls showing a historic collapse of Congress’s standing among the public. Never in modern times, […]

Undisclosed Interests

Legislators fight corruption by silencing their critics.

Jacob Sullum 6/2/2010

In a 1996 law review article, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan warned that campaign finance laws “easily can serve as incumbent-protection devices, insulating current officeholders from challenge and criticism.” The DISCLOSE Act, a speech-squelching bill supported by the man who nominated Kagan, is a […]