'The New School': 'Smart People Make Better Electricians.' An Interview With Instapundit

We were told for a long time that education was what got you ahead, but now you see all these people with their Masters degrees in Women’s Studies from Brown at the Occupy Wall Street camp saying they can’t get a job and they’ve got $100,000 of student debt.



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Hitler Learns Aaron ‘Worthing’ Walker Case Has Been Dismissed

lulz The Jawa Report 6/16/2012

Video at the Original Velvet Revolution

h/t @Liberty_Chick

Don’t know what this is all about?

You haven’t been paying attention then, look below the fold:

Update: Here’s the video, just wanted ya’ll to check out the REAL Velvet Revolution website above who is competing for “Google” hits with he who […]

Barack Obama, Race Hustler

“We would like to publicly express our dissatisfaction at the lack of any public or private message of support or condolence from any American governing body or indeed, President Obama himself. Mr Kouzaris has written to President Obama on three separate occasions and is yet to even receive the courtesy of a […]

Instapundit is 10 years old

Making even the dumbest sh** interesting! — Oxblog

Althouse 8/8/2011

Congratulations… and thanks for all the inspiration for so many years.

ADDED: He did a poll on how he should celebrate the 10-year anniversary, and “just blog as usual” — which is what I voted for — came in third, but it’s what […]

‘You’re gonna pay’ explains the debt ceiling crisis in no uncertain terms for Gen Y

Mark Tapscott Washington Examiner 7/31/2011

For those who have high school or college-age kids, this video produced by Wilson Getchell as an entry in Powerline’s recent contest for the Power Line Prize lays out the stakes of the debt-ceiling debate in about as stark and factual terms as possible, but does so in a very […]

Insidious & Scary: Frances Fox Piven Answers Glenn Beck

The Blaze 1/24/2011

Editor’s note: You might want to watch this to the end…it gets a little odd around the 4:08 mark.

Professors Althouse and Reynolds offer their opinions:

“History tells us” something that history doesn’t tell us, say sociologists to protect Frances Fox Piven

Here’s the expression of “outrage” by the officers of […]